Broken Nexus 4, new phone! I’m not very much into this, so I bought the first phone with Android that seemed acceptable. The Moto X (2013 edition) seemed a good choice so I’ve decided to give a try and install immediately CM11 thanks to the very good past experiences.

The stock rom shipped with this phone wasn’t so bad, with practically no invasive customizations at all (unlike HTC and Samsung ones…) and was based on Android 4.4.4 but I prefer to stick with what I’m used to, settings and so on.

The process has been straightforward, the Moto X comes already unlocked so install a custom recovery and a CM with sideload had been matter of minutes.

Unfortunately I’ve lost some unique Motorola features, like Moto Voice and Moto Assist, as well as the ability to use the dedicated processor for voice recognition, but maybe in the future I’ll be more oriented in ROM building to try the original Motorola kernel with CM. Conversely I’ve got the usual tons of CM features, so I’m very glad of it.

The unique issue I’ve encountered was the impossibility of get a lock on GPS. Using apps like GPS Status and similar, seemed that the antenna was on but no satellite recognized. After some tries (GPS Fix, reboot without SIM card, Voodoo…) I was about to follow a post on reddit and reinstall stock rom to acquire lock and then reinstall CM when I’ve discovered this post but applies to another Motorola phone.

Nothing to lose, tried and it worked! Below the commands (note that you need the android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot packages on debian):

sudo adb reboot bootloader
sudo fastboot erase modemst1
sudo fastboot erase modemst2

Rebooted phone and now I can acquire GPS lock in about 3s. Hope this helps someone else…