I have a new laptop. A ThinkPad T450 (not ‘s’ not ‘p’). 2 seconds after unboxing a Debian Jessie has been installed and I enjoy for the first time a SSD drive. But this is something for the next post, now I want simply to note down instructions for my latest repository.

I don’t want to mess up the system with pbuilder, git-buildpackage and such software I use to build ArcheOS packages because often I install them from sid, experimental or directly from source so I’ve decided to give a try with Vagrant.

In a minute the repository is done. Now when I need to build a package I simply clone it into a tmp/ folder inside the repository, SSH into the vagrant box and give the usual git-buildpackage. If I mess too much a simple vagrant destroy and vagrant up should be enough.

And the laptop is always clean! :)