About Me

I’m lazy enough to copy my Linkedin profile…

Science is what we know, and philosophy is what we don't know.
-- Bertrand Russel

I'm a Linux and Free Software enthusiast, mainly a System Administrator with the
serious belief that this kind of job is more deep-rooted into a person's nature
than it would seem. More than in other activities the passion and the
disposition towards a sort of "order", a good deal of humility and the capacity
to continually being creative are fundamental skills to outcome (and maybe
survive...) in this job.

I love to work in small, smart teams but I had no concerns about larger (and
very big) environments. I love to learn, to actually produce something with my
skills and to fix what I found broken.

Skeptic by nature, I always try to find side-solutions to complex problem and a
welcomed laziness helps me to try to automate each repetitive task I find.
Meanwhile I cultivate side activities like playing double bass (classical music
and jazz), field recording, math, biology and literature readings, non-profit

I have a strong commitment for environmental and social causes.